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Jon Vanover

“As always it was a pleasure talking with Jim. To be a guest on his radio program is was a honor. We covered a lot of subjects but the main point I wanted to get across is its time for people to let go of the “everything is haunted” fantasy and let the paranormal fad die out. Its time to move people nothing more to see here. Jim let me dabble in a lot of subjects and I love talking “shop” with him. Once again Thanks Jim for having me on your show!!.”

Jon Vanover

Show Notes for July 3, 2012

2:30 Welcome to Jon Vanover

3:27 tell us who you are

5:10 the way or the highway

8:30 review of Thomas P. Fusco

9:30 why I don’t have an appearance page on my website?

13:20 What’s your major pet peeve?( photographs )

15:40 things you will find on investigations? dust and mice

19:14  Abraham Lincoln as a vampire hunter

19:50 Best Paranormal Movie Ever?

25:55 the next million video game ? (angry birds)

27:37 Where is the paranormal field at?

30:30 Ghost Hunters Tv Season 1 vs 4

43:30 anything better than the smell of a burning bridge

49:00 Best Radio Show Ever? Art Bell? Coast to Coast AM