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Jordan Bonaparte – The Night Time Podcast


Shag Harbor, the Halifax Explosion, “cursed” buried treasures, and Tim Hortons: At first the correlation among these items may seem to be a strange thing, but quickly becomes clear when The Malliard Report welcomes back a longtime friend of the show; Jordan Bonaparte. For the veteran listeners Jordan is a familiar voice flashback, but to those of you that are new to the show it is highly recommended to go back listen to the previous episode and get some insight into how Jordan became involved in the paranormal field. It is quite a story. On this episode of The Malliard Report Jordan and Jim waste no time and jump right into travels to Salem, the legitimacy of orbs in photographs, the direction of paranormal podcasting/entertainment, and Jesus’ face showing up on a wall of popular Canadian Coffee Chain.

In 1998 an unexpected wave of attention crashed into the small town of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia when the face of Jesus mysteriously showed up on the side of a wall of a popular Canadian coffee chain, Tim Horton’s. While many might have simply used it as an excuse to grab a doughnut, droves of people flocked to the small town to catch a quick peep of the miraculous image. However, the mass pilgrimages ended just as quickly (to see the face, rather than for the tasty treats) as they had begun when a worker changed one of the outside lights, and the face then vanished. Interest in this particular Tim Hortons was eventually revived in August of 2016 when the wondrous wall was torn down and hordes of collectors descended on the tiny town in attempts to own a piece of the miraculous masonry. The lights were no longer casting shadows, the face had sense faded away and nearly a decade had passed, but it appeared as though people were still in search of some meaning of soul…or just really wanted a doughnut.

This episode hits its full on stride early in the show and covers a lot of ground. Another heavy topic in this episode is the reception of paranormal elements and events locally and with the general populace. All around the world people have taken interest in the island of Nova Scotia and the mystery surrounding a smaller nearby island thanks to a popular television series based on treasure hunters. Some might say the fame is great for the town, but some of the locals seem to disagree. Like many of the other elements within the paranormal world, a divide often happens among groups on one subject or another (spiritboxes, orbs, other-worldly craft or manmade, pancake shaped or a floating marble, etc.) in-fighting occurs, and any potential, viable evidence ends up going nowhere because legitimacy ends up being tossed out the proverbial window due to the squabbling among the fractured groups.

Jim and Jordan also cover Jordan’s first UFO experience, the difficulties, and joys in podcasting, whether paranormal entertainment helps or hurts the community, and wondering what Tony Hawk is doing nowadays. To answer that question: “Tony Hawk never exactly lost popularity. He just pulled himself back from the public eye to focus on other things. In recent years, he has been sticking to his philanthropy, while occasionally performing stunts and demos. As of 2017, the Tony Hawk Foundation has helped inspire millions of kids interested in skating to pursue their dreams. At the age of 48, Birdhouse is still as successful as ever. A constant influx of royalties from his video games have secured a future for him and his family. Recently, Tony has expanded into content creation online. Content created by his own film company, 900 Films, for Ride Channel on YouTube goes online daily. The channel showcases the feats of aspiring skaters to inspire younger skaters to push on and work hard as Tony.”

To follow Jordan and his podcast check out  or through podcast resources such as Stitcher. You can also find him on Twitter @NightTimePod, and as always for all things Malliard head over to Twitter @Malliard.