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Jordan Boneparty


If someone were to ask you where you thought hotbeds for paranormal and unusual activities were, what would you say? How about the western United States with a concentration of Wild West ghost towns, secret military bases, and dense woodland perfect for hiding large bipedal beasts? The medieval castles and ancient ruins of druidical mystery scattered all across the European countryside? While all these are correct, most people have a tendency to forget a major player in the world of weird.
Littered with tales of UFOs, pirate treasure, mysterious wall rattling booms, and government spooks poking around into events that keeps the locals on edge, eastern Canada is steeped in a deep history of the strange.
For this episode of The Malliard Report, Jim welcomes Jordan Boneparty from the popular program “The Night Time Podcast”. Being a lifelong resident of Nova Scotia and “focusing on the fringe of Atlantic Canada”, Jordan desires to share all of eastern Canada’s unusual and unexplained with the rest of the world.
Originally seeking to share a UFO encounter that family members had through the medium of a short film, Jordan quickly found himself sitting behind the microphone on a regular basis due to a unique series of events that occurred after finding a sixty-year old diary on the side of the road while walking home from work. After catching the attention of local media following the finding of the owner of the diary, Jordan soon took to the podcasting realm where he quickly gained notoriety sharing the many different oddities found within the Atlantic coast of the Great White North.
This is an episode that moves fast and covers a lot of ground so make sure to pay close attention. From the Bell Island Boom and the unusual Los Alamos researchers that showed up following the incident, the real events and legitimacy of The Curse of Oak Island, and the ever-infamous Shag Harbour incident where numerous witnesses saw an object crash into nearby waters, Jim and Jordan cover a plethora of northern oddities.
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