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Josh Heard – Paranormal Investigator


Ghosts in the Bible, The Mothman, lost time, houses with demonic attachments, Andy Kaufman; no this is not a topic overview of my podcast list that may have slipped into the write-up. These are the interests and current pursuits of this week’s guest on The Malliard Report. This week we welcome Josh Heard to the show to discuss the many different topics and subjects that fill his repertoire since his last appearance three years ago.

Andy Kaufman. While steering away as far as possible from the title of “comedian” and for having an absolute total disdain for telling jokes, Kaufman was known for being one of the greatest of all time funnymen. So where does this tie in with a conspiratorial/paranormal enthusiast? (Besides just having a huge appreciation for one of the entertainment world’s greats) While not on the same level as some of the bigger conspiracy theories like faking a moon landing or staging a false terror event, the theory that Andy Kaufman is still alive certainly out there, and Josh is pursuing that idea. Andy was known for pulling over the top, elaborate hoaxes that continually kept his audiences guessing where the line of reality and showmanship was drawn. With “characters” such as Tony Clifton, his wrestling “career”/stunts, and the countless other “incidents” that happened on other television shows, it is not out of the realm of possibility that he would have faked his own death; using it to possibly hold a massive comeback years later, or to simply step out of the lime light that he was not entirely fond of. Either way, Josh believes that he is still out there, and will soon be on the hunt for information.

November 12, 1966. Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Five men who were in the process of digging a grave suddenly have an experience that frightens them to their very core; a large, winged, man-sized creature is seen skimming the tree line. A few days later, multiple reports of a similar creature begin to flood into local authorities. Details become more specific with descriptions of being white in color and having glowing red eyes. Sparking nationwide interest that has led to multiple films, an annual festival, and even a 12-foot statue that was erected in the town square, the legend of The Mothman lives on today. While some write the legend off as nothing more than a drunken encounter with a large Sandhill Crane that was blown way out of proportion, others claim that it is some form of cryptid or alien protecting some unknown location. Whatever it is, it does has a pancake eating contest in its honor and that alone is worthy of some recognition.

Josh is a very entertaining guest that provides some amazing insight to a topic that has been plaguing Jim for some time, (the current state of paranormal television shows) shares his thoughts on paranormal attachments, and answers a question that leaves even him stumped for some time.

Make sure to check out all of Josh Heards hard work and visit his website where you can find his books, films, and podcasts and also don’t forget to let us know what you think of this podcast or any of the others in the comments below or via Twitter. Also, if you feel that you are the next “Miss Mothman”, head over to and sign yourself to be in the next pageant.