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Juan Vincent

The Malliard Report

Juan Vincent

– Get a general history of the Tarot Cards. What’s the difference between a deck of Playing Cards and a deck of Tarot Cards?

– Juan Vincent has designed three different Tarot Card decks, how long did it take to create them and what goes into making a deck of Tarot Cards?

– When shopping for Tarot Cards, how do you know which deck is right for you?

– How do Mediums feel about Tarot Cards?

– Juan Vincent grew up in the Catholic religion, how’s does that blend with his work in Tarot Cards?

– Can Tarot Cards be mishandled and open up something negative?

– Juan Vincent’s advice for aspiring Tarot Card readers.

– What’s coming up in the future for Juan Vincent and his Tarot Card decks? Get the inside scoop.

– To find out about future seminars and to purchase your deck of Tamaraw Tarot Cards go to and follow Juan Vincent on Twitter at @tamarawtarot.

– Listen to the podcast to get involved in the giveaway!!

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The Malliard Report