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Julie Ann Guthrie Smulson

“Woo Woo For Your Boo Hoo.” Psychic abilities have been long researched, tried, debated, and utilized for centuries. While many “academics” may be quick to write it off, the fact is that there is something to it. Why else would the CIA put so much time and money into conducting tests like remote viewing and OBE research? This week on The Malliard Report, Jim welcomes a guest that has jumped far into the deep end when it comes to this kind of stuff. This week Jim welcomes Julie Guthrie Smulson who happens to be a remote viewer, medium, channeler, healer, wearer of many other hats, and is here to discuss her incredibly busy life doing such.
“Julie is an Author, Spiritual Healer & Podcaster. As an author Julie is passionate about sharing her lifetime and lifetimes of experiences with the world. Julie’s intention in all that she does is to help others overcome their personal traumas and challenges so they can become happy and thriving individuals. Through Julie’s own personal traumas and challenges she has been endowed with the gift of being a highly sensitive empath. Julie’s empathic abilities allow her to help others through her business Spiritual Alchemy Energy Transfigurations as a Reiki Master/Teacher and Sound Healer. Julie developed a strong belief in spiritual healing from her own healing journey. Julie’s journey has led her to start her podcast Spiritual Alchemy Energy The PODCAST with Julie. Julie’s podcast highlights other healers, lightworkers and authors. Julie believes that everyone possesses unique and special gifts that they are sent here to share with others. Julie believes that the healing process takes many different forms and paths to find that golden gift within each one of us, but when that golden gift is found and utilized in the world – the world is forever changed for the better.”
If you want to book a session with Julie, head over to her website You can also find links to her podcast, social accounts, and much more. For all things Malliard, head over to for merch, past shows, and the live chat every Tuesday 9 P.M. EST. Remember to rate and subscribe through your favorite podcasting app.