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Julio Rezende


If you have paid any attention to the news lately, it is guaranteed that you have seen at least some footage of Insight exploring our red interplanetary neighbor. The excitement of the landing crew, the pictures of the rocky surface, and the new wave of talks of manned exploration in the not so distant future. This week on The Malliard Report, Jim welcomes guest Julio Rezende to the show; speaker, engineer, and advocate for the further exploration of space.

“Professor Julio F. D. Rezende is a pioneer in Brazil promoting quality education related to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts an Mathematics (STEAM) and Mars, identifying some possible solutions to be applied in arid and semiarid regions, verifying issues related to the operation of self-sustainable habitats. His interests are related to sustainability and innovation. In 2016, published a research about Mars during the 19th Mars Society Convention in Washington D. C. During 2017 and 2018 had published at International Conference on Sustainable Development at Columbia University The professor is interested in research about climate change, Mars, sustainable development of semiarid regions, economic development, entrepreneurship, sustainability and the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). He is acting in sustainable construction in communities.

Julio’s passion for the advancement for science and exploration shines through during the interview and is a fantastic guest. He is open about the recent Elon Musk claims, the burgeoning space race that is occurring in South and Central America, and much more. To keep up to date with Julio you can visit his website or reach out through Twitter @juliofdrezende. For all things Malliard, head over to or you can connect through Twitter @Malliard.