June 14 2022 Live Calls

The news is a vicious thing. Whether we get it from the television, various internet locations, doom scrolling on our phone, and even bombarded while we run about our daily errands (nothing like trying to get your morning workout in or stand in line for the pharmacy while being inundated with some form of media deluge) there are times where it feels like we can’t escape it. What doesn’t help is that it seems like everything that is happening is headline worthy, and takes over everything. It is easy to escape into our own head and start to feel crazy or become so rooted in our own ideals that we forget that there are other people that may feel the same, completely disagree, or just be apathetic to it all. This is where conversation with those around us is important. See the other sides, hear where we may be right, or just learn to not care at all. This week on The Malliard Report we get to do just that.
This week it is live calls, and with everything going on, there certainly is no shortage of material to cover. A leader that seems to continually slip more and more into a cognitive failure, gas prices that make beer prices at a baseball game look like an outright bargain, and a youth that has absolutely no clue what is happening outside of their own digital world. Yes this is said with every generation, but there is something about the here and now that seems exceptionally alarming. So let’s jump in, let’s talk, and maybe let’s hope for a brighter future.
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