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June 28 2022 Live Calls


Come one, come all, this week is an exciting one because we have live calls. Always a fan favorite, live calls always offer an ever changing buffet of topics, and this week certainly does not disappoint. Kicking off right out of the gate we disgust a topic that seems to be in and out of headlines regularly for the last couple of years. UFOs and the military have always had a sort of peanut butter and jelly type relationship, but lately it feels like every news story involving unidentified craft is somehow tied to the Navy. From the declassified footage of the F/A-18s tracking one over the ocean at incredibly high speeds (one thing that should be pointed out here that is not discussed at all, is the amazing show of skill that either the Weapons Systems Officer (WSO) or Pilot exhibited at tracking the object with the targeting pod. That certainly is no easy task, especially considering the high speeds it was alleged to be moving at. Let’s hear a round of applause for that) to new recent allegations of sailors being forced to sign NDAs after witnessing numerous craft over their ship. The Navy seems to be in the forefront of sightings and encounters. Why is that?
Live calls always make for great content, but listening to them in real time, or after is only half the fun. Join in on the weekly discussions yourself every Tuesday at 9 p.m. EST in the Duck Pond chat over at where you can also catch other past episodes, merch store, and much more. Remember to rate and subscribe through your favorite streaming or podcast app and share the show on your socials!