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Karen A. Dahlman – Spirit Contact Communication


Guest: Karen A. Dahlman


What a heck of a show we’ve got for you listeners on the Malliard Report this week. Jim Malliard, the host of the Malliard Report, shows why his show is the Fastest Hour in Paranormal Talk Radio this week with his special guest Karen A. Dahlman. Before the show begins proper though, our host Jim Malliard did have a few things to discuss, including a special give away contest for all loyal fans of the show, with the potential winner earning themselves a Spectrum Light, just like paranormal investigators use for the own investigations. What a heck of a reward really!

Also our host would like to remind listeners that at that point in time during the show he was experiencing a storm in his area, but luckily, no technical difficulties were experienced.

Our guest this week though, as mentioned, is the talented and entertaining Karen A. Dahlman, a spiritual communicator who’s especially known for her work in communicating with spirits via the use of the Ouija Board, and she makes it seem so easy during the interview. Starting off of course, our host Jim Malliard asks our guest what she’s been up to particularly lately, and she tells not only him, but our listeners that she’s published her second book “The Spirit of Ouija: Four Decades of Communication”. In it, she explains her experiences and history in dealing with the paranormal, and the use of Ouija in communicating with spirits. It’s a biography, and the discussion that our guest Karen Dahlman and Jim Malliard have regarding their own past experiences is entertaining as usual.

However, as light hearted as this weeks show is, there’s always a hint of seriousness beneath it when the discussion then moves onto Jim Malliards hesitation to use Ouija himself, and the respect he has for the medium in not wanting to use it as a toy, to which our guest Karen Dahlman explains how she agrees, that there’s been a lot of misconceptions and urban myths surrounding the Ouija board, and how it’s exactly that; A tool, and not a toy. In fact the discussion went so in depth that I think any listeners of the show would learn a thing or two.

Perhaps this week on the Malliard Report is one of the more open and honest shows that’s been on in a while as well that listeners would love to listen in on. It might be the Fastest Hour in Paranormal Talk Radio, but there’s a lot of discussions that expand from just the first 15 minutes of the show, that range from the funny when both our Host and Guest discuss different boards for Ouija, to the heartfelt when Karen A. Dahlman discusses the difference between human and animal spirits, and the difficulty of communication between them, but the various reasons for why our pets would want to stick around with us. in fact, there’s a little something for everyone in this weeks show that’s worth listening to.

As usual on the Malliard Report, our host bids our guest farewell this week, and I think as the episode ends, we might just wish that the show could at least got on for a little longer.