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Karen Rontowski


“I only wear underwear with little pictures of Santa Claus on them, because then not matter what mood I’m in, it’s always Christmas…in my pants.” This week on The Malliard Report, Jim features a Tarot reader, ghost hunter, and a standup comedienne which happen to be all the same person; the talented and very funny Karen Rontowski.

Originally from Pittsfield Massachusetts, Karen has been a full time comedienne for almost twenty years. Deciding to pursue her dream and follow in the footsteps of her inspiration Gracie Allen, Karen left the northeast and soon found herself in Las Vegas. After her stint in Vegas Karen continued her westward journey and eventually wound up in San Diego California where she became a regular at the Comedy Store and The Improv. Karen today continues to see success in her comedy career and has been featured on shows such as The Tonight Show with David Letterman, and has rubbed elbows with some of the biggest names in the industry (Jay Leno, Sinbad, and many others).

As a described “elegant hippie” (according to a Cosmo quiz she took) she aspires to live up to her Bohemian moniker. Not only has she found great success within the entertainment world, Karen is also an established paranormal investigator and tarot reader. Karen shares that one of her favorite parts of touring on the comedy circuit is her ability to visit many different paranormal locations for investigations. Karen also discusses that even as common place as paranormal material is today, people still seem unsure and uneasy when it comes to discussing. Even in a comedic sense, she has learned that are boundaries still to what people are okay with, and what they consider “too dark” when it comes to paranormal.

Karen is a very funny individual and this is a great episode. Karen shares what drives her as a performer, what got her into Tarot readings, some of her favorite places to investigate, and her soon to launch podcast.  You can keep up with her very busy tour schedule, schedule a Tarot reading with her, or just connect with her in general through her website at or through social media @rontowski . For all things Malliard head over to or connect via Twitter @Malliard.