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Kat Hobson Paranormal Investigator


Where, why, and how people get involved into the paranormal is just as varying as the stories they have to tell of their experiences. Some people are born with an innate sense and tie into the other side, others have chance encounters, and some, unfortunately, get too close. This week’s guest on The Malliard Report, Kat Hobson, is no stranger to the paranormal, and her introduction into the world of is quite a fascinating one. After an encounter with the spirit of her deceased nephew, Kat started down a unique path and never looked back. So join us as we listen to Kat share her thoughts on paranormal investigations, favorite (and least favorite) types of equipment, locations, and life as a podcaster.

Paranormal investigations can be one of the most exciting events an individual can go on. It is one thing to watch “investigations” from the comfort of your living room, but to actually be a part of one is a whole other experience. However, the manner in which a number of investigations take place is a major sticking point for Kat. All too often we see televised depictions of investigators challenging spirits and potential darker entities for the sake of shock value or possibility of increased activity. While this may be okay for some locations, there are number of times where this is severely crossing the line. Kat strongly believes that in many cases, investigators are ill-equipped for the investigations they take on. Often finding themselves in personal homes, with possible dark entities, mimicking the taunting behavior that they see on television.

While many may argue the notion that the aforementioned style of investigating is conducive to producing very credible and amazing evidence; this evidence however easily eclipses the ramifications associated with this style. Many of these investigations are conducted in people’s houses and homes where they have to continue to live their daily lives long after the investigation has concluded. Teams have been known to come in, anger whatever spirit(s) that may be hanging around, and then leave. The team is gone, the spirit stays, and the spirit is often unhappy. This has been known to cause many long term problems for the people that may be residing in the home. It is not easy to go about your normal day to day life when you have an angry spirit wreaking havoc in your home. Kat pleads that everyone should have a better understanding of the location and spirits before any investigation is conducted, and know what your limitations are. If there is demonic activity, then get in touch with a professional that is capable of handling such activity.

Kat is an incredibly lively guest, and provides some fantastic insight into a number of different topics. It is also very impressive that she is able to do as much as she does (mother, investigator, podcaster) and yet still had time to sit down with Jim. So go ahead and press play and enjoy another fantastic show. You can access any of Kat’s podcasts through all major podcasting platforms (e.g., Stitcher, iTunes, iHeartRadio, etc.) reach her through her website and of course via Twitter @paraexperienced . For all things Malliard, Twitter @Malliard