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Katie Turner

Energy is never created nor destroyed. So, we have been told since our first introduction of the First Law of Thermodynamics. Energy is everything. Energy is everywhere. It is even widely theorized that the universe is electric. (The electric universe theory is an absolute fascinating read if you feel like rabbit trailing later) So, if energy is never created nor destroyed, when we leave this plane, where does our energy go? Is our energy visible? This week on The Malliard Report, Jim welcomes a guest that has been tapped into that spectrum since childhood.

On this episode Jim features medium and paranormal investigator/expert, Katie Turner, to the show. Katie has been connected with spiritual energy and events from the very beginning. Being able to see events happen to only have them come to fruition later, Katie began to realize that something was different and this became more apparent as Katie reached school age. Katie’s parents and teachers noticed that she had a hard time focusing during school and when questioned about it, Katie said the colors distracted her. Katie soon learned that she was able to see auras and energies.

Katie is a great guest and her story is truly fascinating. Being able to hear the experiences of an individual that is tuned into the other side is truly a great time. If you are interested in booking a session with Katie, she offers online sessions which can be booked through her website or connect with her on her social media @K_Turnerpsychic. For all things Malliard, head over to where you can catch up on past shows, sign up for the newsletter, score some merch, and much more. Connect with Jim on all social media platforms @malliard, and remember to rate and subscribe through your favorite podcast app.