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Kelle Sutliff

The first law of thermodynamics, also known as conservation of energy, states that the energy of a closed system must remain constant, it can neither increase nor decrease without interference from the outside. Our universe is (as we know it) is considered a closed system. So that means the total energy that exists within it, has been the same since the very beginning. Everything around us, including us, is made up of energy.

This is one of the key points that is made when discussing the existence of spirits and what it is they are. If we are made of energy, and we cease to exist on this material plane in a physical form (I might use the term meat suit here…) what happens to that energy? Additionally, think of the energy that is released at differing times, moments of joy, sadness, anger, etc. It is often stated that type of energy can linger in an area long after that moment has passed and is often attributed to what we know as “residual hauntings.” But could this energy that is built up to be viewed in the same manner as dirt that is built up in someone’s house? If it’s not cleaned out on a regular basis, it could cause potential problems. This week’s guest on The Malliard Report is an expert in both these fields. On this episode Jim welcomes Kelle Sutliff to talk about her chaotically busy life as a real estate agent, mom, and psychic medium.

Kelle Sutliff is a gifted Psychic Medium who has worked in her industry for over eighteen years. She uses her work to show people that the psychic world is very real and offers inspiration and comfort to those dealing with grief.

She also works as a Psychic Investigator consulting nationally and internationally with missing person and cold cases. In her career she has worked with Boston University on the Cold Case Collective Group, National Group Find Me 2 and privately with detectives and individual families providing accurate information to find the missing.

Kelle had a weekly radio program for over three years, Psychic Cup of Coffee, on Transformation Talk Radio and The Dr. Pat Show with over 400,000 live radio listeners in North America (and beyond with the Internet), and extending to 300 affiliate radio stations worldwide. Her former radio home CBS Radio—The New Sky Network had over 150,000 radio listeners to their nightly programs. Kelle being a part of that broadcasting team showed her listeners how this whole “psychic gig” really worked and how to keep it real in daily life. You can listen to archived shows at

Kelle grew up in Michigan and lives in Andover, MA. Her other life “the never a dull moment household” as she calls it, includes three College kids, a husband and two Pembroke Welsh Corgi’s Mabel and Mojo. She usually works on cases and consults for readings in between loads of laundry and making Crock Pot meals for her family”

Kelle really brings an interesting and different approach to the real estate game and the stories she shares as medium are incredibly powerful, especially when she discusses the days leading up to the events that took place on Sep. 11, 2001. You can follow Kelle on all Social Media outlets or visit her website where you can also order her books or schedule a reading. For all things Malliard head over to and make sure to sign up for the newsletter. Reach out to Jim through most Social Media platforms @Malliard.