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Kevin D Benton

Once more we find ourselves tuning in to the Malliard Report, and this week is as entertaining as all the previous ones. Before the show begins, however, Jim stops for a moment to give us a sneak preview of a future show that he’ll be having with Writer David Perrodin, author of the book “School of Errors: Rethinking School Safety in America” which, as the title suggests, is all about re-thinking school safety.


However, the crux of the interview went amazingly well from there as we of course tuned in to hear him speak with our scheduled guest this week: Actor, Director, Radio Host, Sportsman, and award winner Kevin D. Benton.


The first area of topic that Jim touched on with Kevin Benton was how he got started on his path to being as varied and talented as he was in Sports, Acting, and Directing. The first part of his long, interesting starting off how he got his start in sports, but moved soon on over to acting with a fateful job that proved to him how much he enjoyed the gig, and how much fun acting for other people could be – especially if it elicited some sort of response from them through his sheer acting ability alone.


Of course, what story of personal growth and development wouldn’t be complete with discussing the interesting people he’s met all along the way, including some A-list celebrities that he had the fortune (and pleasure) of working alongside early on his career before he got to the part of his life that he’s at now.


Yet, as Kevin Benton describes soon after; it’s not all fun and games. As said, anything worth doing is worth putting your all into it, and Jim and Kevin soon move on from the topic of the joy of acting on towards the grind that comes with it – describing how you always have to be grinding away at your job. Grinding to meet new people and connect while developing your own network, grinding to do your job and do it well, and grinding to put your hustle on and show that you’re worth working with and improving yourself at your craft.


In other words, Jim and Kevin Benton both know the grind, and what it takes to get your name out there as they both agree on that. Of course, as Kevin Benton said: “If you enjoy what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life” which goes to show that the 20 projects that he’s got currently going on this year alone is well worth his time and effort. Especially considering Kevin Benton is a Multi Award-Winning star who earned his fame through hard work and dedication.


Of course, as we soon find out afterward, Kevin Benton isn’t JUST a gifted Sportsman and a Gifted actor, but a writer as well as he reveals to Jim and the audience that he’s currently sitting down and working hard on a screenplay that he hopes will do very well: A screenplay that all fans and listeners to the Mallard Report should listen in on to get a sneak peek at what’s to come – especially if they’re fans of Kevin Benton’s work.


This interview though has something for everyone while. While the crux of the Interview has been centered on Kevin Benton’s life as an actor, he did come from a sports background and at the near halfway point of the hour-long interview Jim and Kevin move on from acting in general, to sports in general, showing that the guest has a lot of knowledge about the field. What follows soon covers a wide range of topics that covers the NBA in general to how the future dynasties will be set up (and the future of the Lakers in dominating the field) to LeBron James and how his career is progressing to other topics that revolve all-around Basketball in general.


This, of course, leads into the theme of celebrity, where Kevin and Jim both talk about their status as well-known figures in their own fields. Jim with Radio and Podcasting, and Kevin Benton with acting and directing. How the nature of celebrity changes a person, and what exactly makes one a celebrity: Either through actions, manners, or not. Though it goes to show, that no matter how successful one is, as long as a person remains humble they’ll never feel like a celebrity.


What better example that exemplifies that then when both our host and guest talk about whom they would love to get an e-mail from in regards to working and collaborating together on future projects. Some of the answers given being thoughtful, and some funny. This does end up begging the question for the viewers though; Who would they like to receive an e-mail from if they knew they would get one from anyone in the world?


We don’t have time to ponder that too much as we soon find that the interview is starting to come to a close, but it does end on a high note with both Jim and Kevin Benton discussing the importance of positivity, and maintaining that aura of positivity – especially when looking forward and forging your own path in life as they both had done.


In the end, sadly, our time with Kevin Benton had come to an end. As always, Jim thanked our guest for being on the show and taking time out of his busy schedule to talk with him, and of course, thanked all the fans for sticking around and making his job worth it. As always, the hour went by too quickly, but there’s always next week’s show to look forward to and to see what else Kevin Benton will be up to as well.