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Kevin Harold – Television Producer

Guest: Kevin Harold

What an interesting week we have on the Malliard Report this week! As fans of the show have come to known, Jim Malliard shows why the Malliard Report is indeed the Fastest Hour in Paranormal Talk Radio, live of course at the KGRA. This week, he brings on a special guest that while he might not be a celebrity in the field of the Paranormal, he’s still an important person who’s works include working behind the scenes in television, and reality television. Of course, our guest is the one and only Kevin Harold from Raptor Films!

While regular listeners of the Malliard Report know how the shows usually go, this week is extra special in that the discussion predominately revolves around our guest Kevin Harold and his work involved with reality television. While none of the usual banter revolves of course on Kevin Harolds personal experiences in the past revolving around his own personal history, that doesn’t make this show any less interesting. In fact, right off the bat Jim Malliard asks our guest and any listeners of the show to go to his twitter feed and retweet one of his tweets, offering a surprise for fans near the end of the show. The big reveal during the show of course has to be heard! We then go into the best part of the show that lasts even after the break where Jim Malliard asks Kevin Harold about reality television and the prevalence of the medium in recent years. Of course, that doesn’t stop our guest at all from coming up with reasons on why it’s the way it is now since 2008, how it came to be, and the main reasons why it’s here to stay of course. Of course, halfway through the funniest part of the show happens when our host’s microphone accidentally muted itself, leading up to an amusing incident that got a chuckle from both the Malliard Reports producer, and our guest.

That doesn’t slow down Jim Malliard though as we got right back on track in the discussion of Reality Television and it’s cost vs. scripted television, and part of the reason why it’s so popular as well.

Taking a break halfway through the show, we comeback afterwards to both our guest and our host welcoming the listeners back to the Malliard Report, and involving the produce Race Hobbs of the KGRA station itself, taking a nice little break from the discussion revolving around Reality Television. However, soon it was back to the talk at hand! Jim Malliard asking Kevin Harold on his opinion on whether Paranormal Reality Television is real, or is actually more or less scripted, bringing up several interesting points. Fans of the show should stop and listen to the answers Kevin Harold gives, some of whom might even be shocked at the answer, or not depending on your own personal stances and opinions.

All in all, this week was a very interesting week for the Malliard report. Lots of laughs were had between the serious discussion, and a lot of fun as well as our time with the Fastest Hour in Paranormal Television draws to a close this week. As usual though, thank you to everyone for tuning in this week and sticking around. As Jim Malliard says, keep quacking!