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Kevin J Clark – IDigitalMedium


Communication with the other side has been the goal of curious researchers for as long as man has walked the earth. The mystery of what happens when we reach the hereafter and the potentiality of reaching out to those that have made it over (or maybe they haven’t?) has plagued us since the dawn of time. From the ancient mystic channeling, the séance craze that swept the 19th century, to the overabundance of spirit box, ghost chasing television shows in the early 2010s; this long standing goal refuses to leave the prominent focus of fans of the unknown.

While Kevin J Clark may not have a lifetime steeped in the world of mediumship, he is in no way a stranger to the field. After overcoming a rough patch in his life, Kevin found himself fascinated by the concept of Instrumental Trans-Communication (ITC) after researching the back story to the movie White Noise. Not long after his initial venture into experimenting with ITC, Kevin soon found himself on a quest to reach out and share information with people from all around the world. What started out as a simple forum to share ideas among other enthusiasts, quickly turned into the impressive resource that is iDigitalMedium today.

The goal of iDigitalMedium is to provide a resource and collaborative pool so that people can “…share all aspects of spirituality and creativity as they relate to our everyday lives in this age of technology, on the cusp of the re-enlightenment of the consciousness of mankind…to share the expression of those who work in the light; to help collect, organize, and disseminate this information while simultaneously fostering a positive spirit of networking and contribution…”. With the idea of pulling away from the “look at me” mentality that has rooted itself so deep into the field, and shift to a more unified front, this is the opportunity for people to come together as a whole and provide some of the best evidence for ITC, and the other side.

Tools of the trade has always been a sticking point within the community, and bane for many. While some may argue the notion that unless you have the latest and greatest “gee whiz” gadgetry, you are unable to provide real evidence. Others claim that all you need is yourself…and everyone’s belief in you. The debate of phone apps, white noise vs radio sweeps, electronic, video, pre-programmed sounds or voices, and on and on. Kevin argues that almost any tool (there are a few that he does speak against) can be utilized as long as you continually use, and convey an energy so that the spirit side can understand what is being implied with the given device. Kevin himself utilizes many different white noise and audio generating devices that allows spirits to communicate over the sounds. Kevin even live streams many of these devices so anyone can utilize, or listen to what is happening through his experiments.

Once again breaking the norm of writing, I (the writer…some of you know who I am, ha!) myself listened to one of Kevin’s audio noise live streams for a little over an hour. While approaching it with a mildly skeptical attitude (at the time he was using an audio cable plugged into a computer line input) that this was literally just feedback, I half expected to listen to just white noise while I went about my work. (Not the first time I’ve done this. White noise when you work is actually pretty helpful sometimes.) Much to my surprise 24 minutes in I heard “Let’s go” followed by “Go” approximately two minutes later. At 37 minutes in I hear what could be “Unruly” but I was not 100% certain on it. The 49 minute marker I hear what sounds to be a mumbling of sorts (nothing clearly audible could be made out though) followed by what sounded like a dog barking. That could simply just be a dog barking…I don’t know what all his set up entails. All in all, I was quite surprised by the results and recommend that everyone give it a shot and see what results you come up with.

Head over to for all of the latest information on Kevin’s work, contribute what you have to offer to the community, or to check out one of his live streams (seriously try it). Also, don’t forgot to spread the word about The Malliard Report. Twitter @Malliard.