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Kim Rackley

“An Honor to be on The Malliard Report tonight with Jim Malliard. Jim puts forth the highest efforts of integrity in reporting and sharing the paranormal” Kim Rackley

Kim Rackley is a Psychic Medium, Mystic, Metaphysical Minister, Writer, and Radio Personality, Paranormal Researcher, Co-Director of Nightside Paranormal, Holds A Doctorate of Metaphysical Sciences from The University of Sedona.
Ordained Metaphysical Minister,
Licensed Metaphysical Practitioner,
Reiki Master,
Certified Theta Healing Facilitator
Spiritual DNA Activator
Certified Hypnotherapist
Certified EthericFlight remote viewer

Show Notes for March 20, 2012

3:40Welcome to Kim Rackley

4:20Who are you?

5:45People seeing things went they are driving, that in fact arent really there.

14:23 2012? enlightenment?

21:36one word question. Goals?

22:52 bigger paycheck? fame? 25:56 Science and being a meduim 32:17 Why do some people hear things and others dont? 33:51 Children see more(ghosts) know more (from the other side) 35:40 All Voices people hear from the other side are devil? 40:40 do you use the Oujia Board? 43:21 Past Lives and Spirit guides