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Kim Rackley – Psychic Medium

Guest: Dr. Kimberly Rackley

What an interesting week we have for fans of the Malliard Report this week. Once more, Jim Malliard shows why the Malliard Report is the Fastest Hour in Paranormal Talk Radio, live at the KGRA as he introduces another guest for us to get to know, and long time listeners of the show (or newer fans looking through the archives) might already know: Dr. Kimberly Rackley.

As she explains, Dr. Kim Rackley is best known for as being a Psychic Medium who’s works are of a broad stroke, working with Spirituality, the Paranormal, and Metaphysics, Mysticism and other Psychic Phenomena, but once she’s on the Malliard Report, we get to know her on a more personal level than just what she does for a living. In fact, as Jim Malliard himself likes to do, he starts off the show on a light hearted note, talking with our guest about the last time she was on the show, back in January of 2013. While Jim Malliard notes that it has been a while, further discussion later on in the show brings out a side of Jim we rarely get to see when he asks Dr. Kim Rackley about what she thinks of him when they met, with our guest telling all of us exactly what we’d expect our Host to be like. Funny, a little silly, and very pleasant to be around, having had a lot of fun with Jim outside of the show and looking forward to another chance to be out and about. Confirming of course what we’ve all already known.

However the interview itself isn’t just all about fun and games of course. The discussion moving onto Dr. Rackley herself, with Jim Malliard asking her what she’s been doing lately and how she’s doing. As she explains it, she’s been quite busy lately with a lot of things, including her writing. Currently she has several books in progress, bouncing between roughly 10 of them and trying to nail down her process, which usually involves her writing with feelings behind it. Having to agree, Jim Malliard makes mention of his own book he’s got coming out really soon as well as they discuss that.

Which afterwards Jim ends up asking our guest whether or not she’s started doing readings again. Dr. Kim Rackley then confirms that yes, but this time she picks and chooses who she chooses to read for, explaining her process, and that it’s because it’s exhausting and draining on her as a person. After all, if someone calls her with a personal problem, she explains that there are a lot of other psychics out there who can help them with that, and she prefers to work with clients who have a bit more serious issues that they need to have taken care of.

The second half of the show continues on the interview. Often times funny, sometimes serious, and all of it good, this is one show this week that shouldn’t be missed, even near the end when Race Hobbs gets involved in the show as well. As usual though, our hour ends quicker than we’d like it to when the Malliard Report shows why it’s the fastest hour in paranormal talk radio, having to say goodbye to our guest earlier than we’d like. Still, that only means that there’s a new show coming soon. As Jim Malliard loves to say, keep quacking!