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KJ McGlinn

Everyone has their own tale of what brought them into the world of the paranormal. For some it was a
dream of a long passed relative, living in a house that had unusual activity take place, an experience at a
historical location that you thought was a fantastic re-enactor to only find out that they have no re-
enactors, or some of us may have even been brought to the community through our pets. Such is the
case with this week’s guest on The Malliard Report. This week, Jim welcomes KJ McGlinn to the show to
discuss her venture into the paranormal (and the unique way she got into it), podcasting, nerd culture,
fandom, and its evolution over the years, podcasting, communicating with your pet, and what it’s like
going on paranormal investigations.
“After spending 13 years as the co-host for the award-winning Smiley Morning Show in Indianapolis, KJ
is no stranger to using her voice to better her community. Now, many people know her as the founder
of the Kinda Nerdy Girls podcast — a fun and often funny, look into fandom from women who work in
the entertainment industry — or as the Kitty Correspondent on the nationally syndicated show, Pet Pals
TV. She has recently joined the acclaimed new show Paranormal X Road featuring an all-female
paranormal crew bringing peace to people experiencing the paranormal. A multi-passionate
entrepreneur at heart, KJ combines her dedication to animal advocacy and love of Marvel movies to
connect with followers and fans alike. She is a frequent go-to expert on all things cats, superheroes and
sci-fi, which has led to a loyal social media presence of more than 35,000. Through her work with animal
advocates, feline fans and fangirls who love Star Wars, KJ is deeply committed to creating fun and
fantastical opportunities for anyone who wants to impact the world around them through their own
unique passions (especially cats). You will find KJ interacting daily in the social communities she’s
founded around her passions, the Kinda Nerdy Network or KJ’s Cat Club!”
KJ is a great guest that truly has a passion for all things nerd and spooky and her story about her cats is
definitely a fun one. You can find KJ on all social media platforms or by simply searching for her podcast
The Kinda Nerdy Podcast on all major platforms. Remember to visit for all things Malliard
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