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Lee Austin

Without much hesitation, it is safe to say that one of the most (if not the) most divisive topic within the conspiracy community is that of how the Earth is shaped. In a mindset where we encourage each other to question everything, but yet when something such as if the Earth is round or not is brought to the table, it is quickly spat out and ridiculed for such an idea. What is it about this topic that brings such virulence to any debate about it? Is it because it strays so far out of the “box” of what is normal? But is that not why we choose to question the narrative? This week’s guest on The Malliard Report does just that and is able to provide a very different insight to the idea of the flat Earth.

This week on The Malliard Report Jim welcomes radio host, author, conspiracy theorist, and Flat Earth advocate Lee Austin to the show. Lee “…is an American broadcaster known for his alternative talk show, ‘Outcast Radio.’ Pushing the existential envelope with topics including theology, metaphysics, and conspiracy theories, Lee’s show flourished as a late-night favorite for those in search of the truth. “

In a quest to disprove the idea of flat Earth, Lee quickly began to shift his ideology which lead him to being the advocate that he is today. However, Lee brings a much different angle to the concept and it is certainly one worth noting. In Lee’s book Morning Star’s Tale, Lee presents the idea of a flat Earth is a truth presented from the Father of Lies himself. But, “how does that work?” you might be asking. Lee explains that the truth is so far outside our programmed knowledge scope that we cannot accept it.

Lee’s book takes the approach of telling the truth about the Earth as if told by Lucifer himself. In the preface of the book it states “…The Light Bearer disclosed the mysteries of his occultic kingdom, including the physical and spiritual laws that govern the universe. Knowing the vast majority of humans would reject his uncomfortable truth, the father of lies proceeded to write a book revealing the hidden secrets of antiquity.” While this may not be the most appealing of subject approaches for some, it certainly is a good read and worth checking out.

You can purchase Lee’s boom though major online retailers and also through his website You can reach out to Lee through email (Lee refuses to be a part of social networking, which is incredibly admirable) For all things Malliard make sure to head over to where you can catch up on past shows, sign up for the newsletter, and check out Jim’s release of 75 Questions To Ask Before You Start Your Podcast. To connect with Jim, you can find him on all social media outlets @malliard and don’t forget to rate and review on your favorite podcast app.