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Lee Stranahan

On the 25th of January, in the early pre-dawn hours, over a dozen heavily armed FBI agents stormed the home of a guest that happens to be a Malliard Report favorite. Escorted out and placed into custody in a fashion that mirrors the capture of El Chapo, long time presidential confidant Roger Stone found himself with the newest title…criminal. A situation that Roger himself said that was a long time coming, and that he knew it was inevitable, but there are a number of questions that linger with the situation: was this show of force too excessive? What does this mean for the current political climate? Is there legitimacy into the investigation or is this an ax to grind from other individuals? This week on The Malliard Report Jim welcomes back Lee Stranahan to give his expert opinion on the situation and insight for what may come in the future.

While this event is certainly a major one in Malliard history, it is not all that is in store for this episode. In addition to Lee, Jim has the pleasure of bringing back Germantownrunner to the show.

This is a great episode because it provides some fantastic insight into two very different topics. You can follow up with either one of the guests through their websites and both guests can be found on various social media outlets. To catch up on past episodes of The Report, sign up for the newsletter, and so much more, head over to You can connect with Jim through Twitter @malliard. Don’t forget to visit our fantastic sponsor to get your very own, very awesome, t-shirt from them.