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Leroy Blevins Sr – Conspiracy Theorist

Guest: Leroy Blevins Sr

This week just goes to show why the Malliard Report is indeed “The Fastest Hour In Paranormal Talk Radio” again, while hosted live at KGRA Radio, and hosted by Jim Malliard. Bringing this week an interesting guest that no doubt some people in the conspiracy theory field might recognize as Leroy Blevins Sr, who’s most noticeable for his research regarding all sorts of famous Conspiracy Theories out there. In fact, that’s exactly what Jim Malliard wanted to talk with him about, starting right off the bat with discussion on the famed JFK assassination video footage, and how our guest Leroy Blevins Sr. challenges that notion.

Long time listeners of the show might know how all of the Malliard Reports usually go, and this one is no different. In fact it opens up with our host, Jim, asking all sorts of questions for our guests in regards to the JFK Assassination footage, and everything, with Leroy Blevins Sr. responding about how his own research into the footage, and conducting his own investigation led him to his own timeline of the events. In fact, our guest has shown such a thorough understanding of the Assassination day that he presents to not only Jim Malliard, but all listeners of the show interesting evidence, including onto questions fielded from listeners in the chat room listening to the show live. one of which includes a question on the kind of weapon that Lee Harvey Oswald had used, as well as where he had gotten the guns, and even how he hid them.

All in all, the first half of the show can be easily summarized as our guest explaining that horrible day, and his thoughts regarding it. Believe him or not, all listeners would have to agree on one thing: is definitely one heck of a show that Jim brought out for us.

Coming back into the second half of the show after the break is where the interesting stuff happens, and make no mistake, it’s quite a fun second half. While the first half of the show is a little sober, discussing the sad event regarding the last day of President JFK’s life, the second half is much more positive, coming back to discuss with Leroy Blevins Sr. about the infamous Bigfoot, and the video evidence that’s out there. In fact, it even comes as a shock to not only Jim, but maybe to some listeners that are listening in that there weren’t just one video footage taken of the crypto creature, but three altogether. Not only that, but our guest even got a old of the videos themselves and did research, and his own investigations with them, coming up with a shocking amount of evidence and revelations on the subject itself, including how easy it is to make a big foot costume at home, among other revealing things that fans might want to tune in for if they fancy themselves fans of the Bigfoot conspiracy.

All in all, as usual the Malliard Report has to end, and ends a lot sooner than we’d wish it to. While it might indeed be the Fastest Hour in Paranormal Talk Radio, sometimes we wish it might be just a little bit longer. But, while we end this week and say goodbye to Mr. Blevins and wish him the best of luck, for the rest of us just remember. As Jim likes to say – Keep quacking!