Let’s talk about The Warren Commission and the Great Lie

So I explained all this in the book and I go into great detail about this. So if you’re interested in, in the development of our, a covert capabilities including abduction and assassination, this is a book you need to read. Now, here’s the problem for historians. At this point, when I say problem, here’s what this book presents as a challenge and, uh, I, I challenge anybody that gets this book to undertake this. The Warren Commission says that Lee Harvey Oswald Killed The president on November 22nd 1963, that he was a lone nut shooter. Okay, that’s fine. You can believe that. But here’s the problem with the existence of the Skorzeny. papers, we now have a covert network that it was established with Otto Skorzeny. just after the war in 1949, which included abduction in assassination, and that network included businesses which run into Dallas, which were in Dallas at the time of the assassination.

And the members of that network, primarily amendment captains genre and they switch. He a OAS assassin who had been involved in the attempts on de Gaulle and who buy our own. And when I say our, the United States government’s own declassified documents states, he was flown out of Dallas the day after the assassination. Well, he’s part of the score is a network. So a known sassy part of the score zany network as evidenced by the papers was flown out of Dallas after the assassination. And these connections don’t end there. There’s other connections to Dallas and I fully explained in the book that are, are uh, impossible coincidence. I mean you might have one coincidence that you could explain why, but I have a list of at least 10. A collective coincidence is that cannot be explained away. So there is a network in Dallas at the time of the assassination of covert network that is linked to the highest levels of the United States government to include Allen, Dulles and others that has never been mentioned and never been identified that it’s evidenced by the  Otto Skorzeny.papers that is now going to change history.

And there’s nothing anyone can do about it. I mean this, this is a knowledge that is going to have to be confronted. Now if someone wants to say Lee Harvey Oswald, who I say was a, it was a deception. He’s only mentioned 22 times in my book. He’s not necessarily taste the, he’s the right. You look at the, you know, let me pull the rabbit out out of the hat. Look over here. He’s over here. He’s the deception. He said it himself. He’s a patsy and he was. He was set up. The true operation was another network that is the scores. Any network as evidence by the papers.

I don’t. I don’t know how many times you mentioned Jack Ruby in the book, but I know he’s in there as well and that’s more of a straight line connection back into the network.

Go ahead. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to rough. That’s okay. Jack, what is linked to the is linked to the scores thinking networks and and here’s how easily after the assassination, Jack Ruby was questioning by his attorneys. They said, is there anyone you’re concerned about now this has been well written about and you could. There are some histories out there that talk about Jack. Ruby said he was concerned with a man named Thomas Eli Davis.


A tank Abbott really has written extensively about this in one of his books. A secret, or you can check this out. This is. This is documented history, so Jack Ruby was worried about a man named Thomas Eli dates.

Well, there are government documents related to into Davis that were declassified and there are online, you can find them in some of the receptor sites on the JFK assassination. Thomas Eli Davis had been arrested in Morocco after the assassination by the Moroccan state security services. And he had on him a letter that, you know, they mentioned the. So this was investigated by the United States government on, on the orders of Dean Rusk, secretary of state. He’s a d classified top secret documents indicate Thomas Eli Davis was a, uh, an object of concern. That’s a subject of concern after the assassination. Now this is brushed away and these documents by stating, well, he, he did write about the assassination, but he, he passed through Spain, Spain, Madrid in particular, and he, while even in Madrid, this was a couple of weeks before the assassination, he met with a businessman named Victor Oslo. So that’s flipped the declassified documents that Thomas Davis, a business partner with Jack Ruby and elicit gun running.

Met with a man, a businessman in Madrid named Dr Oswald. Now, here’s the problem with that declassified doc Victor Oswald is one of the principle business partners and auto score Zenia and the papers. This means if Victor Oswald is part of the scores and network, and Dr Oswald, by the way, was a documented again declassified documents. He was a documented British agent, Dan oss officer, strategic services agent for the United States government during World War Two. After the war, he was the senior Chase Manhattan Bank representative in Spain. He’s one of [inaudible] principal business partners. So here’s the facts. Jack Ruby had a business partner that he was concerned with that met was saying, any business that was a scores and business partner and met with with Thomas Eli Davis only weeks before the assassination. This, this means that Jack Ruby knew someone that knew someone who had links to the network prior to the assassination. Okay, so, you know, this is just one example I think I’ve talked about with some other in some other categories, but that’s probably the main one. Again. Um, I could give you other examples of the network. And its connections to Dallas.

Ralph Ganis

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