Let’s Talk Microphones!

Robert Clothworthy: And I’ve got, you know, basically the equipment that I’ve put in. When I would go to two studios, I would always talk to the engineers about the equipment they liked and I basically duplicated what I saw in the studios. I said, well, if it’s good enough for the recording studios, but I’m going in, it’s probably good enough for me, so why don’t I can go crazy. Just trying to think about what microphone do I get. I mean there are thousands of microphones out there, but there’s basically two or three that are basically found. Definitely two, what one it’s founded like every studio and two that are founded like 90 plus percent of the studios, so I made sure I got those two microphones as well and I get there and most of microphones. One is a, what they call a shotgun mic, which is the sennheiser four slash 16, which is real popular for a radio for commercials.
And then I got a a annoyment you 87, which is a a condenser mic which is used most often when you do animation, be going to a video game or animation. It’s the microphone that’s there in that studio and I also use it all the time when I do narration. That’s the one that when I go into the studio to do a narration for ancient aliens or Cursillo Ireland or cursive civil war gold or whatever I’m doing, that’s what microphone to use. It’s the new, they’re really expensive. But then again, I was able to find one a used that was in phenomenal shape from a guy who was just a true microphones freak that would never take a mic out without putting on literally white gloves. So I knew it was, it was good. And um, and that’s, that’s what I did. So it’s, it’s, I, I really enjoy it.

Robert Clotworthy

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