Life and or Paranormal advice from Karen Dahlman

Karen Dahlman: That question gets asked a lot and again, it’s not to negate anybody’s experience as people do have experiences that aren’t, that aren’t the best. And I will say this too, there are lower, lower astral level energies out there. I’ve ran into them myself. I’ve worked with them, I’ve seen them. I physically can see spirits every now and then. I can’t control when I do, but every now and then I do see them and they, they do exist, but there’s a.
But we have, we have such a great impact, a power within ourselves and, and I, we just don’t know this. I mean it’s been the truth has been hidden from us, have been kept from us that we’ve been taught that were just pawns to our environment into our world. And once we can get beyond that and really realize, um, our abilities, our own inherent latent abilities and start using those, we’re going to realize it’s not so scary and spooky and it doesn’t have to be negative either, that that’s, that’s a key thing. I don’t want people to understand. It doesn’t have to be so we can choose how we want it to be, but by how we behave when we look at ourselves and what we hold within ourselves. I mean, I won’t come to a board session myself if it had a really bad day, I just won’t do it unless I can shake it because it’s not fair. It’s, it’s bringing the energy level lower and I have to keep my vibration’s high when I work with the beans that I communicate with now.

Karen Dahlman

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