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Lisa Caza – Claivoyant/Psychic Medium

Guest: Lisa Caza and Joyce Keller

What an interesting week we have on the Malliard Report for listeners this time! Not only does Jim Malliard, our host of the Malliard Report, bring us two guests this week to talk with, but he once again shows us why he’s the host of the Fastest Hour in Paranormal Talk Radio on the KGRA network.

First up this week on the first half of the show is the lovely Lisa Caza, taking up the first spot of guest this week to talk with Jim Malliard about herself, and why she’s known to those that have followed her as a professional clairvoyant and Psychic Medium for over 20 years who’s best known for her honesty, even to the point of complete bluntness. In fact, it’s that honesty and bluntness that makes her so fun to listen to, especially when Jim Malliard starts us off and asks our guest Lisa Caza to explain a little bit and clarify her abilities, and why she’s considered such a skeptic, despite being know what she’s known for and all.

However, quickly after that the discussions in the first half continue to come on, and prove why the Malliard Report is such a fun show to tune into, with all of the discussions ranging from such varied and interesting topics as past lives, and why it seems that a lot of people seem to claim they’re reincarnations of famous people, which Lisa Caza takes no time in answering our host in an honest way that listeners of the show might have a chuckle at. Not only that, but we also get to discussing other topics as well that range from the law of attraction, souls and reincarnation, as well as our guests view on the difference between a good psychi, and a bad psychic.

Coming back from the break though, we’re then introduced to this weeks second guest for us to enjoy, Joyce Keller, who also is known as someone who’s professional at giving psychic readings as as a medium.

Like in the first half, the second half includes a lot of interesting topics and all that range in different subjects. Starting off, of course both our host, Jim Malliard, and guest, Joyce Keller sit and discuss the nice May weather and all, starting off light hearted and everything before moving onto the serious discussions at hand, of which moves onto Joyce Kellers experiences in radio, as well as her history with the medium and everything as well.

From there, we end up moving onto other topics that fans of the show might find quite interesting that include topics such as the economy, and the power of the dollar, with Joyce Keller giving an interesting idea for some fans who might agree with her opinon on taking some money out of the bank as a form of emergency funds just in case.

From there, we delve more into more conventional conspiracy theories that include issues relating to celebrities, as well as also UFO discussions, as well as ghost, and their habits of hanging out in graveyards. All in all, the second half just proves that it’s just as much fun as the first, and that both our guests Joyce Keller, and Lisa Caza are two much fun, especially when the Fastest Hour in Paranormal Talk Radio comes to an end, leaving us wanting more.

However, that just means we have another show to look forward to, and as Jim Malliard likes to say, keep quacking, and we’ll see you all then!