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Live Calls



As with the ebb and flow of the tides and the rise and setting of the sun, the news circuits go through their cyclical pattern of craziness. And along with the roundabout we go, so too does another of episode of The Malliard Report with everyone’s favorite segment; the live call show. This week Jim opens up the phones and discusses the outrage of a particular advertising campaign, tries to Beetlejuice a former guest, and once again goes deep into the shop talk of podcasting. Off the rails and always a wild card, open line episodes are a favorite for many, many reasons and this one is no exception.

Manipulation from the media in the way we think is pretty much a universally accepted theory now. (They don’t call it television programming for no reason at all) However, some stories have a tendency to stand out more than others and such is the case from a recent advertising campaign from a particular men’s grooming line. While there are behaviors that were once “acceptable” during an era, those have long been extinct, and this recurring theme of “needing to apologize” is just ridiculous. Yes, we humans as a whole just need to figure out that positivity and respect will do wonders, but, this constant “feel bad for being who you are” needs to end.

Another subject in a roundabout way that is discussed is the following of one’s passions. Why put blood, sweat, tears, countless hours of work, and personal frustrations into something that in some instances no one may see? Because it is something you love. It brings joy to watch something come to fruition that you have toiled so hard for. So if there is something that you have had a drive for but been hesitant to do it, stop messing around and just jump in already. It should not matter if someone will see what you do or not, if it will make you money or not. Chase after it because it satisfies your soul and for no other reason than that.

Open phones always make for a fun episode because it is always great to hear what is on the minds of the listeners. Keep up with the latest and greatest of The Malliard Report over on and connect with Jim through Twitter @Malliard. Don’t forget to head over to our fantastic sponsor and pick up a shirt today.