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Live Calls

Things change, life happens, and sometimes you have to just learn to roll with the punches. This week on The Malliard Report, this happened to just be the case. But what can you do right? Adapt, overcome, and run with something else. So this week on The Malliard Report, Jim opens up the phone lines and discusses what interesting things are happening within the world of sports.

To a large number of people, it is no surprise that people have become sick and tired of sports being used as a platform to push one agenda or another. People tune into sports simply to watched the best of the best compete against each other, not to be told what and how we should think. In a growing trend to turn back to the true nature of sports, many teams are holding unique events, focusing on bigger games, and getting back to the roots of the sport. The baseball game held at the Field of Dreams sandlot, NASCAR holding “indoor” events, and even players making moves that benefit the sport and teams rather than themselves. (Love him or hate him, Tom Brady’s move to Tampa Bay and taking a “pay cut” to help build a team certainly deserves respect) During this episode long time show friend, producer, and listener German Town Runner calls in and shares his thoughts on this very subject. Dave is always a wealth of information and his insights are always spot on.

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