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Live Calls about Area 51

One once more we have an interesting show for us this week! And as had been said in the last several weeks, Jim took a moment to tell us about our special guest that’s coming up. David Perrodin, of “School of Errors: Rethinking School Safety in America” will still be coming on August 6th, so be sure to stick around and check that out!


With that said, we jump into a very special Malliard Report this week! As some of you may be aware, there wasn’t a special guest that was announced – and with good reason! This week, our host Jim instead wanted to kick back a little bit, talk with the Duck Pond, and talk about current events that are on the news, and speak with audience members who were listening in. After giving out the number to call him, he pulled up the news and started to talk about what was going on in the world at large. Jim gave his opinions, which all listeners should tune in to hear, but the real meat of the show came soon.


Shortly after talking about some going on in the world, our first caller of the evening tuned in to speak – and who better than long-time listener and friend of the show Dave to be the first to speak with our host!


Turning away from the news, the discussion soon took a dip towards what Dave had been up to and the discussion on researching and reporting on developmental technologies that are all space-based. Talking with such mega-corporations such as Boeing, and Space X among others; However, what really caught Dave’s attention during all of his own reporting and findings was that each of these companies had asked him to sign a Non-Disclosure agreement in relation to what he had talked about when it came to these space-based technologies.


Of course, Dave isn’t at liberty to say WHAT he talked about, having signed them and all and thought that it might have been weird to suddenly be asked to sign them when he wasn’t before. Jim, of course, had a feeling that it might have been related to all of the Area 51 Raid memes that are currently going on with the internet and surmised that maybe this was just a way for these businesses to cover their assets in case the meme became real.


Which Dave agreed with – which ended up leading to an interesting discussion about Area 51 in general that all fans of the Malliard Report should check out if they hadn’t already listened to when the show aired, because it does get really interesting.


First off; As Jim and Dave both explained during the entire discussion: DO NOT, under any circumstance, actually storm Area 51 and do not step foot on the Government Base. Instead, what they suggested – which helps out more people in the long run – was to support the Area 51 cottage industry. To go to stores that sell alien Merchandise, support artists, podcasters, writers, movies, and more that is built up around the Area 51 phenomena. That if you have to go, to have fun and support one another but to NOT go onto the government base.


Because, as Dave and Jim explain, they’ve both been to the area before to check it out as curiosity seekers and they take their security there seriously. In a chilling description of events, Dave shares his time on stepping foot onto the grounds and being watched by government agencies.


Soon though, Dave had to leave the call, and once more Jim invited any listener to call in and talk with him on the Malliard Report this week. Soon though, he had his second caller for the evening and who better to come and talk than another longtime fan, and friend of the show, Bryan!


Unlike Dave before, Bryan mostly called in to just sit back, relax, and have a chill time with Jim, bringing up a myriad of different topics that revolve around the political the conspiratorial, intrigue, and everything else. No matter the type of politics that you hold, this conversation ended up with so many twists and turns that any fan of the political spectrum should tune in to listen to.


Perhaps one of the funniest bits though in the midst of all this discussion on politics came when the conversation came back to Area 51, and how Bryan revealed that he has several shirts up for sale to commemorate the Area 51 raid meme. The first shirt he sold simply stating “I’m Going to Area 51” with a bullseye on the chest, and his latest one being “I survived the Area 51 Raid” with bullet holes in the shirt.


Eventually though, Bryan, too, had to leave as our show slowly came to a close. While he didn’t get as much time as Dave did before, Bryan did leave with a lot to be said that should be a surprise for anyone tuning in.


This week though, much as we started, the ending of the show was different than usual as Jim took a moment to sit down and be real with all the listeners who were in the Duck Pond, and who were tuned in for the evening: Revealing what direction the future of the Malliard Report was going to go from here on out.


Luckily, the show isn’t going anywhere, and as Jim explained, it’s always going to put the Audience and Guests first over monetary values, believing that none of Jim’s content should be behind a paywall. While some might believe that Jim should monetize, he believes in providing content for everyone.


And that, as all fans know, is what sets the Malliard Report above others.


Be sure to tune in next week though, as usual. See you then!