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Live calls about September 11 2001

September 11, 2001 is a day that will certainly live in infamy. A day that just about everyone (now considering there is a generation that is too young to remember the events of that day) remembers exactly where they were when the news broke. While this particular topic is one of regular interest on The Malliard Report, we will be taking a different approach from what we usually do. We will be setting aside the conspiratorial hat, and simply looking at the happenings of that tragic day.
There are many theories to what happened, why it happened, and to whom the blame falls upon, but we will not be focusing on that this week. All too often we become so focused on the conspiracies that shroud the day in mystery we forget that a catastrophic amount of life was lost on that day. Brave firefighters answering the calls of the unknown, unsuspecting office workers, and countless others fell victim to the event. We need to take time to remember those that suffered; those who lost loved ones, and not let the gravity of the day be forgotten.
This is a special episode because we get to hear reflections from several different prominent people, and their take on the situation as whole. First up is best selling author Jim DeFelice. Most notably recognized for his work American Sniper, Jim shares his experiences while working in New York. Following Jim DeFelice is political tycoon Roger Stone, never short of great insight, Roger gives his take on the day, and lastly the Malliard favorite, Germantown runner shares what life was like on the east coast during the tumultuous weeks that followed.
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