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space force

06192018“When you’re 200 miles up, it is easy to hide what you are up to…” While the recent declaration of the implement of another branch of the military creating a Space Force has generated a lot of buzz, it by no means is anything new. While the current administration’s recent move has many disclosure movement fans frothing at the mouth, the actual reason may be far more mundane on the surface level to the everyday person. This week Jim reaches out across his expanse resources to get insight and speculation as to what the real driving factor of the creation of a Space Force would be.

Some of the main responses from many different people with the announcement of the Space Force were “why have a space force? What do we need protection from in space?” and “do they know something we don’t?” Many people were asking if this was the first step into disclosure. Others brought up project Blue Beam and the potentiality of a staged alien invasion, and of course the simplest of reasons, (and the most likely) justification for bigger DoD contracts and defense spending budgets.

Project Blue Beam, while not one of the more commonly known conspiracy theories, is still a large scale one that does deserve some recognition within this regard. Project Blue Beam is suggested a staged alien invasion will incur so as to allow for a government “unification” to stand against the impending “invasion.” It is theorized that the invasion will be nothing more than holographic type projections and the “unveiling” of advanced military aircraft. Many have laughed this idea off, but the theory seems to stay around for being so farfetched, and that may have to do with one of the most prominent individuals to speak of such a thing.

One of the most renowned names in space exploration is that of Wernher Von Braun. Former NAZI scientist granted amnesty during Operation Paperclip, Von Braunn was the brains behind many of the designs of rocket technology used through the infancy of the US space program. While during the early part of his career Von Braun sought to stake the largest claim in the final frontier, he later became one of the most outspoken individuals against the drive to weaponized space. He is quoted saying “…space based weapons are dumb, dangerous, destabilizing, too costly, unnecessary, unworkable, and an undesirable idea…” This change of heart is something certainly worth paying attention to, it does not address the Operation Blue Beam connection. In addition to his stance against weaponized space, Von Braun made it known that there were powers that be that were planning such staged events so as to allow them total control. The story would not play out as a straight alien invasion, but rather a slow build up so as to not to raise too many eyebrows at the buildup of greater and greater weapons. Looking back at Von Braun’s words and taking a peek through what happened in history, the two eerily coincide with one another.

Von Braun stated that the first enemy would be the Russians. He said that there would be claims of killer satellites and various other deadly technologies. With that we have the cold war, the space race, and the arms build ups of both the USSR and modern Russia. Strangely enough that narrative is once again coming back to the forefront of headlines. Following the Russians, Von Braun said the next enemy would be “third world crazies”. Today we see never ending “skirmishes” throughout the Middle East and northern Africa. Von Braun states that following the “third world crazies” would be asteroids. This would cause a need for the US to build space based weapons so as to destroy the asteroid. (How many articles have you seen lately about asteroids “just missing Earth”?) Then in a just so happens sense, we will have these space based weapons and the aliens will then show up. Von Braun stated “the final card is the aliens…we’re going to have to build the weapons against the aliens. And the whole thing is a lie.” Remember that this not coming from some guy with a YouTube channel making guesstimations, but rather the father of the American Space Program itself.

One of the most probable explanations of the birth of the Space Force is for the expanse in defense spending without the raising of too many eyebrows of the general public. The defense (very broad term here, there are multiple agencies in play – the NRO, the Air Force, numerous “research labs”) department has been in bed with NASA probably since the very beginning, but at least the 1980s under the STS-27 program and currently today with the X-37B Secret Space Plane. A plane that goes into orbit for months at a time but is highly classified with its mission, specifications, etc. With an actual Space Force, such programs can simply exist simply under their principle.

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