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Live Calls – Indie Drop In – Promoting Independent Podcasts


The audience is on the duck pond on Tuesday nights at 9 pm eastern for the live show on One more thing is that Robert Clotworthy from Ancient Aliens and The Curse of Oak Island is on the show. The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed on the show are solely those of the hosts and guests, and not necessarily of Evergreen Podcasts,, the sponsor, affiliate, or any other individual or group.

The guests on the show tonight are from Indie Drop, and the conversation is about their idea. Greg from Indie Drop talks about their product and how it works. He also talks about how it is a great idea and how it can help people.

Indie Drop In is a podcast network that helps listeners find independent podcasts to listen to. Every show is a feature episode of an independent podcaster that I either go out and find and then essentially license, or it’s submitted to me on the website. My audience listens to that episode, and if they like the creator, then they can subscribe to that creator.

Gregory Blair, the creator of Podchaser, discusses the origins of the website and how it helps content creators in the podcasting industry. He explains that the website is a way forpodcasters to submit their show to reviewers or people who make top lists, in order to help them gain more exposure.

The conversation starts with one person asking the other if they have a paranormal channel on their podcast network. The other person says yes, and they talk about how they use specific genres and niche shows to target specific audiences. They mention that they have a true crime show, a comedy show, and a show called Scary Time which is about paranormal topics. They also have a series of shows called Fanatic which are about fantasy, science fiction, and horror. The conversation ends with one person asking the other if they would sell out their podcast network for a large sum of money.