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Live Calls January 2021

The plot thickens, the water temperature is getting hotter, the noose is getting tighter, and any other analogy that you may be able to think up regarding the current situation that we find ourselves politically. As we sit here just a few days out from the certification of the Electoral College the tension in the air is palpable. Rumors of chaos unfolding. Clamors of elections being overturned. Q. You name it, it has been out in the universe lately. If you believe in any of it, or none of it at all, the one thing is that is absolutely certain, we seem to have reached a tipping point, and not for the better.

This week on The Malliard Report, Jim wants to get an actual pulse on what is happening on “the streets” and it just so happens to fall on the first Tuesday of the month. On this episode Jim opens up the phone lines for live calls and the audience does not disappoint. As chaotic as the idiot box would want to tell us, nothing is more telling to what is actually happening than what is referred to as the “kitchen window view.” What is actually happening in our day to day. What does it really look like, not what we are told that it looks like.

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