Live Calls – June 2020

This week on The Malliard Report has some of the most interesting and exciting guests on the show; the listeners! Jim opens up the phones and the discussion for another rousing round of discussion, ranging from current events, favorite past guests, paranormal weather, and a question that is sure to make you scratch your head. Get ready to jump into a fun one with many different facets, because it is open phones.
One of the hardest things we have had to encounter is the forced stay at home orders that were implemented over the past few months. (The legitimacy of those will not be discussed here at this time). Finding what to do with one’s self in the state of complete boredom has been a challenge. We have had small little snippet to help us (exotic…large cat…human flavored Fancy feast…), but nothing to really keep us going. Normally during this time of year we’re just coming off the high of NBA finals, the Cup has been kissed and held high, and the Boys of Summer are in full swing (pun intended). But this year, we are at a loss. Nothing to cheer on. Nothing to argue over with our rival friends. And let’s be honest, as much as I love watching the puzzled looks as contestants try and figure out the near impossible Technical Challenge of the great Mary Berry herself, or the hijinks between Jim and Dwight, I prefer to sit on the edge of my seat as the back and forth game six just forced a game seven, or parking my backside in an incredibly uncomfortable seat, pay what should be illegal prices for a crappy beer, and enjoy an evening with thousands of others yelling at the Officials who can’t hear and really don’t care what I think. Will baseball return this year? As of the writing of this, the players union for the MLB is in discussions for the possible return and the NBA is slotted to finish the season in Orlando on televised games.
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