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Live Calls October 2020

It’s the first Tuesday of the month and that could only mean one thing. It is live call time! This week on The Malliard Report the featured guests are the listeners of the show and nothing is more of a wild card than a live call show. With no shortage of lively discussion and enough fodder topics in the world right now, this is another great episode.

It is pretty evident that ESPN has ditched its original mantra of “Stick to sports.” With the constant coverage of the issues that we see bombarding the headlines of regular media, it really only seems natural to for it to seep into other outlets. The medium that has been used to escape the everyday chaos has become the everyday chaos. With this, comes the question that should the athletes use outlets such as ESPN and sporting events as a public platform for a cause? The saying that is often muttered is “shut up and dribble” but is this okay? What weight does their view carry in relation to others? Is it all just bread and circuses that is being perpetuated now through more outlets to further drive a narrative?

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