Live Calls on Education

Speaking from a personal stance, the fifth of July was always one of the most disappointed days of the year as a kid. You are more than likely still just coming down off the excitement from the day prior: awesome food, friends, and a night of blowing stuff up. Then it happens, your mom asks you to go to the store with her and BAM! Right at the front door was a huge reminder that those long summer nights are but a fleeting moment. Three simple words that neckbreakingly snapped kids back to reality…Back…To…School. This year as we cautiously make our way into that season things look a lot different. With more questions than answers, and everyone in a fog of confusion, we look to the fall with timid reluctance expecting another proverbial beat down.

To pull it away from the not so pleasant future, let’s take a moment to focus on happier past. We all have those moments through our educational careers that stuck with us, shaped us into who we are today, or pushed us into a direction that we never knew possible. Educators; truly the hardest working, salt of the earth individuals out there are the ones that mold the future. This week on The Malliard Report Jim opens up the phone lines for all to share some of their most memorable teachers, insight from those in the field itself, and more.

This is another great episode for the record books. We should all take a moment to reflect those that have and do influence us. Those that helped shape us. Made us who we are. If you are not part of the discussion on Tuesday nights in the Duck Pond you are missing out! Remember Tuesday, 9 p.m. EST. Also, head over to for all of the latest news., past shows, merch and more. Share the show, rate on your favorite podcasting app, and follow Jim on all social media platforms @malliard.