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Live Calls – Oops

Oops. Well, this is the best word to describe the beginning of this episode. Listen and you will understand. Life happens, we move on, no sense in dwelling on the past. On to the next thing!

As things are slowly starting to re-open across the world, there is still a clamor for professional sports. In a normal universe, we’d be in the midst of NBA playoffs and the Boys of Summer would be in full swing…(pun intended.) But here we sit, opening day has come and went, ice rinks are empty, and James Hardin is only able to flop in the confines of his own living room. (You can’t get the image of him falling down, grabbing his shin, and pointing to his pet and yelling out of your head now can you). So what does the future look like for professional sports? The NBA has announced that they will resume the season at the end of July in Orlando, but no spectators as of now. The MLB is in talks of starting but decreasing the pay for the players. The NHL (at the writing of this) remains silent. Are you a season ticket holder for a team? We would love to get your thoughts on the situation.

While turning into an unexpected live call in show, the duck pond never fails on providing quality content to ponder and discuss. With that, an interesting and potentially new theory is rising regarding the royal family (who are no strangers to conspiracy.) Could it be that Queen Elizabeth is the illegitimate queen? According to this new theory, Anne Boleyn escaped her execution and continued to have children in life. With this, an individual named Joseph Gregory Hallet is claiming that he is a direct descendent of Anne Boleyn and that the throne actually belongs to him, giving him the Title King John III. Certainly interesting to say the least, and will be story to follow as it unfolds.

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