Live Calls September 2020

Four months ago, we as a nation bore witness to a situation that most (that live outside major disaster areas) have never encountered before. A time were simply going out for essentials was a complete crapshoot to see if you were able to get lunch meat or toilet paper. As chaos slowly subsided, we have seen shelves once again stocked back to their almost normal levels, but is this history soon to repeat itself? With constant forewarnings of production shortages or flat out stoppages, no workers, supply chain disintegration, the ripple effect may continue to happen for quite some time. Another wave of shortages is being doomed and gloom in recent media rumblings and we can only hope that these are pessimistic media spins and not the prelude to another Mad Max-style world at our local Piggly Wiggly.

This week on The Malliard Report Jim opens the phone lines for the fan-favorite live calls; and this week is certainly a mixed bag of hot button topics. From the grumblings of future food shortages to school re-openings, the placing of legalization of recreational marijuana higher on the gubernatorial importance list than the policies surrounding how the school year for one state, and even the idea of taxation on the religious institutions. The thought train makes numerous stops, picking a lot of opinion up along the way. What are your thoughts on these? Should returning school children play second chair to legalization? Should prosperity pastors like Joel Osteen allowed to be allowed to live in mega-mansions, own private jets, and maintain tax-exempt? Is California really the dumpster fire that people like to portray it as?

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