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Live Calls – Space X


This week on The Malliard Report Jim opens up the phone lines to see what has been on the minds of the listeners. There have been a lot of major news worthy events over the last few weeks and it is always interesting to see what you dear listener have to say about it.

On February 6, 2018 Elon Musk launched a groundbreaking payload into space, and secured himself into the history books of modern science. While it may seem a tad gimmicky launching your very own personal roadster into space with the likes of David Bowie blasting through the speakers, it goes far deeper than that. While the motto for “Starman” was “Don’t Panic”, it is safe to say that the government sector may very well be doing just that. The Falcon Heavy launch was more than just being able to send a Tesla to the stars, it was am enormous leap for the private sector; showing the world how bloated and unnecessary government programs have been.

The prime example of the now completely inefficient nature of government programs can be seen simply in the operating costs of the two different platforms. For NASA to launch any sort of payload it costs the program 59,000 dollars a kilogram to launch. For the SPACE X program it costs a mere 49 dollars a kilogram. Yes that is correct. The SPACE X program is able to operate at .001% of that of NASA. As to why these costs are so dramatically different is another story for another day, but the bottom line is that it has been shown the private sector is able to operate beyond the capabilities of that of government entities and in a far more efficient manner.
In addition to the brilliance of the Falcon Heavy launch, one takeway that can be gleaned from the event is the stunning views of the Earth that were captured during the on board filming. The photographs that showed in great detail the Earth, its continents, its weather patterns, and of course its shape. We’ll just end this part of the conversation there.

During this episode Jim poses a question that certainly is one to get the ol’ noodle going on several different fronts. The 1960s was one of the most pivotal decades in modern history. The 60s bore witness to The British Invasion, multiple major social movements, and two of the biggest events in human and conspiratorial history; The Moon landing and the assassination of John F Kennedy. While conspiracies are one of the top subjects for The Malliard Report, this episode will not get into depth as to what exactly happened, but rather pose the question “which was the bigger event?”

On this episode you will hear some familiar voices to the show that share some very thought provoking ideas and it is encouraged for you to share yours. So head over to or connect via Twitter @Malliard and let us know what your thoughts on the events are or any others.