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Louisa Oakley Green – Paranormal – Psychic Author

Guest: Louisa Oakley Green

What an excellent show we have for everyone this week on “The Malliard Report”. Once more our host Jim Malliard proves once more why his show is the fastest hour in paranormal talk radio when he introduces to everyone the lovely Paranormal Author Louisa Oakley Green as his guest for the week. You know it’s going to be a good show too when every one of the Malliard Report shows start off with good, light hearted banter between our guest and our host like two friends. Of course, fans of the show for at least the last year should also recognize our guest as well, as Louisa Oakley Green was on the Malliard Report last April, so it hasn’t been that long since her last interview.

Still, that doesn’t mean she can’t come on to have a good time, and update not only her fans, but also fans of the Malliard Report with information regarding her books “Loitering at the Gate to Eternity” and Sightseeing in the Undiscovered Country”. While our guest is indeed an author though, most of the fun of the show comes from the discussion revolving around the Paranormal, and neither Jim nor Mrs. Green lack any of that this week. In fact, the discussion after our guest discusses her new book moves onto both Haunting and Psychic phenomena. With Haunting, especially house haunting, Mrs. Louisa Oakley Green discuss how there are various different kings of haunting, and explains for not only Jim, but all the viewers listening in on the difference between them. How some are benign in nature, some aren’t, some are sentient, and others might be a bit more frightful, and not necessarily centered on the house itself, but a person as well. That’s completely eerie indeed, especially when it moves onto what causes a haunting exactly and how it revolves around death and funeral rights.

The crux of the interview though comes when both Jim and Louisa Oakley Green move onto the discussion about psychics though, and all of her views on psychics and the abilities they weild. This of course being an excellent topics for all late comers to this particular show, or fans who wish to listen once more. Especially when our guest discusses how psychic abilities might even be obtained, or even earned. Either through accidental, by virtue of skill, or even through any other means. Not only that, but one fo the questions that came from the Chat room with fans listening during it’s live broad cast ask the question of whether of not Psychics are more spiritually developed, with our guest explaining that they aren’t necessarily, as people in the end are people, and explain how she considers herself a psychic bystander because while she doesn’t possess any abilities herself. There are people in her life and around her that are. Hence the name of her website at

All in all, near the end of our allotted hour though as Jim reads a statement from one fo the fans in the chatroom, asking if he’d let our guest know that fans of the Malliard Report loved her this week and wish her good luck. A sentiment that everyone no doubt feels at the end of the hour. While we say good bye to Mrs. Louisa Oakley Green, Jim of course reminds us all to stay quacking, and to tune in next week for another excellent show.