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Malcolm LaVergne


With a case that is as synonymous to the 90s as much Rollerblades, Grunge, and Friends, the O.J. Simpson trial dominated the news and for weeks on end. Following the controversial acquittal and what seemed like a never ending barrage of late night comedy punch lines, O.J. eventually faded out of the not so wanted limelight, left to live a quasi-normal life. Such was the case until 2007 when again he found himself in unfavorable circumstances staring down felony charges of criminal conspiracy, kidnapping, assault, robbery, and use of a deadly weapon. In December of 2008 Simpson was charged on all counts and was sentenced to thirty three years in prison with the possibility of parole after nine served. In July of 2017 Simpson was granted parole and was later released in October 2017 having served the nine mandated years.

So while this 90s nostalgia trip and brief bio on The Juice may seem irrelevant it actually is the cornerstone to this week’s guest on the Malliard Report. This week Jim welcomes Malcolm LaVergne to the show. A high energy, Ivy League educated, Las Vegas based attorney who happens to be the personal lawyer for both O.J. Simpson and Floyd Mayweather. Having an incredibly diverse background (ranging from construction worker, ambulance driver, and even firefighter) Malcolm eventually found himself heading down the path of a legal work and graduated from Cornell Law School in 2000. Opening his own practice in 2005, Malcolm maintains a very successful firm based out of Nevada.

So join us on this great episode when Jim and Malcom discuss Malcom’s more notable clients, Malcom’s love for astronomy and astrophysics, the history of the universe, the highway that leads directly to Area 51, and much more. For more information on Malcom (or if you are in need of a good lawyer in the states of Nevada, Texas, or New York) head over to or you can reach out to him via Twitter @SinCityAttorney. For all things Malliard you can head over to Twitter @Malliard but be sure to sign up for the upcoming Newsletter at . This will be a new and exciting element for The Malliard Report so spread the word.