Man in Black not just for UFO sightings anymore!

Just UFO sightings? no Ghost or others?

No, that’s it. That’s actually a very good question, but I don’t get asked enough because people assume it’s just in relation to UFO cases. Now. What I can tell you for sure is that the vast majority of people who have been visited and threatened by men and black women and black, all people who’ve had a Ufo encounter, but there was a spate of many black in man. Oh, black who visited I interrogated witnesses in Pennsylvania in [73, 74 when there was a big, big foot wave in the, in the, in the, in the state of Pennsylvania. And so what you have is this situation where people would see big faults or they’d be driving home late at night and they’d say this thing, lumber across the road. And in some case they hadn’t even told anybody, but then the next night the many black in man open warned them not to talk about it.

So that’s sort of one other angle at third one, which sort of is very much onto what we might call sort of a cult activity or supernatural activity. Um, there are cases where people have been visited and again, being threatened after they’d been using oujia boards. Now in some cases, if not the majority of them people have sort of woken up in the middle of the night in bed, unable to move properly, kind of semi frozen, and they see these sort of shadowy versions of the men in black hovering over them that night. This category or this subcategory of the men in black would become known as the shadow people, but they dress like the man in black, sort of a black suit and old style black fedora. And with hindsight, again, several of the witnesses have said they felt that just the act of using the oujia, so dabbling with them somehow a portal or a doorway that allows a shadowy versions of the Man in black to come through. So in other words, there is this aspect that does go sort of followed and removed from just the whole ufo phenomenon.

Nick Redfern

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