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Manu Intiraymi

Like so many other industries, the past year has ravaged the film industry leaving it with proverbial wounds that may likely never heal. With theatres just starting to barely re-open (and even then, it does not resemble even remotely what it once was) in some areas, the major production names have struggled, but were still able to get their content out. Often with larger names and budgets, bargaining for distribution becomes easier than what the smaller independent houses would be able to face. With content demand up, it should be almost impossible to not have a plethora of quality material at our disposal, but the complete opposite has occurred. Distributors and financers are throwing all of their assets into the large studios that continue to churn out the same recycled nonsense, the independents are completely ignored, and the consumer is left still wanting more than the same old, tired, big box super hero trope. This week’s guest on The Malliard Report has certainly felt the squeeze from the last year. Certainly, no stranger to being in front of, behind, or writing for the camera, this week Jim welcomes Manu Intiraymi to show.

Manu Intiraymi is an actor who portrayed the former Borg drone Icheb in eleven episodes of the sixth and seventh season of Star Trek: Voyager between 2000 and 2001. Intiraymi started his acting career with featured parts in episodes of Pacific Blue, Unhappily Ever After, JAG, Smart Guy, The King of Queens, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, and 24. His first feature film roles include supporting parts in the comedy Senseless, Go!, Whatever it Takes, and the short comedy Eyeball Eddie. Following his two years on Star Trek: Voyager, Intiraymi appeared in an episode of Las Vegas and appeared in the comedy Orange County), Zah-A Pizza Movie, Masterpieces, and Expired. Other projects in 2015 include the romance Promises, the short science fiction drama Instant (with Phil Morris), the science fiction film 5th Passenger, the action drama Six Gun Savior (with Tim Russ and Jason Matthew Smith), and the fantasy film The Green Fairy.”

This episode is a great peak under the tent of how things in the movie industry really look right now, the cutthroat nature of pitch meetings and production collaborations, and the struggles of independent filmmakers. You can catch all of Manu’s features on many different streaming applications, and follow him through all social media platforms. Make sure to head over to for all the latest in The Malliard Report, merch, live chat, and much more. Reach out to Jim on any social media platform (@malliard) and remember to rate and subscribe on your favorite podcast app.