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Mark Anthony



Ancient Egypt. A time and place that evokes imagery and mystery unlike any other. Everything from ornate, colossal statues, tales of cursed tombs, golden adornments, god-like rulers, and alleged advanced ancient technologies are sprinkled throughout the stories weaved into the history of Egypt. A kingdom that existed from approximately 3100 B.C. to about 30 A.D. still seems to live on today. Igniting the imaginations of Hollywood, scientist, children, mystics, and countless others. From Aliester Crowley to Giorgio Tsoukalos, to even today’s guest on The Malliard Report. This week Jim welcomes a longtime friend and returning guest to the show Mark Anthony to discuss King Tutankhamun, ancient Egyptian architecture, and much more.

“Mark Anthony the “Psychic Lawyer and Psychic Explorer (aka Psychic Attorney and Psychic Adventurer),” is a world-renowned fourth generation science based evidential psychic medium who communicates with spirits. He is the author of the critically acclaimed Amazon and spiritual bestsellers Never Letting Go and Evidence of Eternity. Mark’s credentials and experience are unparalleled in the paranormal world. He is an Oxford educated trial attorney licensed to practice before the United States Supreme Court. In England he studied Mediumship at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College for the Advancement of Psychic Science.”

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