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Mark Anthony – Psychic Lawyer


Guest: Mark Anthony

What another great show we have this week for fans of the Malliard Report. Once again Jim Malliard, our always charming host, shows us all again why his show is “The Fastest Hour In Paranormal Talk Radio” as he brings out special guest Mark Anthony. Long time fans of the show might remember Mark Anthony, the Psychic Lawyer from previous shows, as both our guest and Jim Malliard discuss in the opening portion with Mark Anthony talking about how he’s been on the show 4 times before, making this his fifth appearance in total. He also of course discusses why he loves coming on the show, and reminiscing of shows past he’s done on the Malliard Report.

Of course, the first half of the show delves into what our guest, Mark Anthony, has been up to since his last visit, with both him and Jim discussing Mark Anthony’s latest book “Echoes of Eternity”, and what it is, what it’s about, as well as plans for it. For those listeners who are interested though, it’s good to note that the book itself delves into our guests own research regarding spiritual communication. Not only that, but Jim even takes time to ask Mark what it takes to make a bestseller, and whether or not there is a third book that’s being planned right now, and his plans for the future now. As should be expected, listeners should tune in to listen to our guest talk, especially fans of Mark Anthony.

Of course, that’s not all that our listeners should tune in for. After all, taking up some time before the first half, and moving well onto the second half of the show becomes a nice discussion that makes this episode of the Malliard Report one of the more politically charged episodes to date, when Jim Malliard asks our guest whether he had more fun on MSNBC, or Fox during his time on the interview circuit, where Mark Anthony expressed his opinions on which show he enjoyed, and why as well as sharing an interesting and funny story. Not only that, but the conversation also moves onto the current election, as well as past candidates that have ran for President, and other such heavy topics. Of course, in such an open and frank discussion, viewers are invited to listen and see if they agree or disagree with both our hosts and our guest.

However, quickly the conversation on Government moves back into the realm of the Paranormal when Jim asks Mark about Aliens and UFO’s, and his view on government cover ups. And of course, other curve ball questions for our guest to answer regarding Mark’s ability to read people, and if he still can on a regular basis. With, of course Mark Anthony talking about his psychic ability, and how he doesn’t like unsolicited readings on people, and why he doesn’t do it unless it’s important.

Not only that, but one of the biggest questions of the show is asked close to the end: Whether or not the world will end… again… sometime soon. Short answer? No. Long answer? If it does, why worry?