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Mary Joyce – UFO Investigator and Paranormal Author


Guest: Mary Joyce

This is definitely one of the more interesting Malliard Reports that have come out in quite some time. In fact once more this proves why Jim Malliard is host to the Fastest Hour in Paranormal Talk Radio as he brings out a very special guest this week, introducing us to Alien Investigator and Paranormal Author Mary Joyce and has her sit down with him to talk about a lot of different subjects between her books, Aliens, Bigfoot sightings, Jesus, and more.

As usual when the show starts, Jim likes to sit down with our guests and talk with them a little bit about themselves and what they’re about. When it comes to Mary Joyce, starting off Jim wants to ask her how she got her start in the world of the Paranormal and what inspired the books she’s written, especially in regards to Military Bases, and the history and myths of the Cherokee people in North Carolina, of which she’s a resident of. Of course our guest is more than happy to explain her stance on what got her involved in the world of the Paranormal and the subject of her books, including one of her newer titles about the Cherokee people titled “Cherokee Little People Were Real”.

From there the discussion moves on from the Cherokee and their myths to Aliens, eventually culminating in a topic that Jim feels he has to talk about: Namely in talking about Bigfoot. Luckily though our guest, Mary Joyce, came prepared for this subject as she revealed that she’s been involved in Bigfoot investigation, and writing since 2008 and she already has a keen interest in the subject. Of course, this leads to the big question where Jim asks whether or not Bigfoot is a physical or inter dimensional creature. Mary Joyce responding and explain that she believes Bigfoot is a physical being, and is tied with aliens given the predominance of UFO sightings in the same general vicinity as Bigfoot sightings as well. Though, of course she’s open to all possibilities as she doesn’t have all the answers herself.

Later on in the show though, the conversation moved onto Jesus, and how Cultures around the world at one time or another had an analogy that was tie to the Jesus Christ figure, which led to one of her newer books. All guests of the show catching the podcast of the Malliard Report of course are more than welcomed to listen, whether they agree with the position that Mary Joyce explains or not. Of course this also led to a funny story that our guest shared about receiving a letter from none other than Former President Jimmy Carter about her book, giving her back a copy of a letter she sent him, with a handwritten letter himself after reading her book “Tangible evidence of Jesus left behind for us to find”. Which, to those that are interested in this book, and others can be found on Amazon under her name, or can find information about it at her website at .

Of course, as usual our time with Jim and our guest always comes to an end sadly. Which is alright, considering how despite being the Fastest Hour in Paranormal Talk Radio there was still a lot of interesting discussion to be found, and a lot of revealing information given from our guest. Even though the show has to come to an end, that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. Just remember though, till next week keep quacking!


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