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Mary Matthews

In this episode, I discuss the benefits of responsible pet ownership. I look at the difference between high-quality rats from breeders and feeder bin rats, and how to assess the health and friendliness of a rat. I also talk about the smallest breed of pig, the Kony Kony, and its fascinating history. Moving on, I discuss the goals of a rat rescue and the tight-knit rat community, the need for a building for the rat rescue, the difficulty of coordinating activities without a facility, and the idea of creating a greenhouse and roadside vegetable stand. To close, I look at the power of time management, breakfast favorites, rat rescue, and the paranormal. I also share how people can get involved in their community even if they don’t have their own historic buildings. Lastly, I discuss the different types of rat ownership and the importance of having multiple rats, as they are social creatures who need companionship.