Media and the Rule it plays

It’s a weird question, but is that because of the media bias? Because you know you could, you could tell people whatever you want to tell them. I mean, I can tell you I have the greatest talk radio show ever, but doesn’t make it true.

Yeah. So I, I do think there were obviously some people in Republican circles, not so much in the, I would call the, uh, the establishment Republican circles or I wrote an article about this during the election, what I call it, the g o e, the kind of senile or do you have the establishment who thought that trump would win? In fact, most of them hope, I think that clinton would win and assume she would when we’d go along with our grid lock system and maybe they could cooperate with her on some issues. There were only a fraction of people, myself included, uh, in the Republican party who had a back trump. It was the people in the middle of america that knew the truth, the people who wouldn’t tell the pollsters who frankly they were going to vote for, but they damn well knew in Michigan and Pennsylvania and Ohio, North Carolina and Florida and all the swing states that they weren’t going to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Ted Malloch

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