Mediums and Investigations

Mediums and Investigations


The Malliard Report 03042014
Paranormal Investigations and Mediums Live Call In Show

– Should Mediums be part of Paranormal Investigations?
– How can Mediums help?
– How can Mediums hurt?

– Renee from “Renee Live” calls in and talks about how she feels Mediums should be part of Paranormal Investigations and why.

– Richard from the UK calls and discusses why he is against using Mediums.

– Silvia Rossi talks about her feeling on blindfolding Mediums prior to investigating a location.

– Dr. Kimberly Rackley explains the difference between Physics and Mediums and how she thinks a Medium should be conducting Paranormal Investigations.

– Cornelia from California calls in and talks about how having a Special Needs child opened her up to a particular situation during one of her investigations and also suggests doing a two night investigation when using a Medium, one night with the Medium and the other without.

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